The official Lorenzo Villoresi Israeli website is the only website authorized to sell L.V. products in Israel.

The only authorized representative of Lorenzo Villoresi in Israel is the Yaffa Ross Sea & Sun company. All authorized
points of sale in Israel are listed on our website: www.lorenzovilloresi.co.il
For this reason, all of the items purchased through Yaffa Ross and its points of sale have the quality assurance
and the authenticity granted to all official L.V. items.

Yaffa Ross and Lorenzo Villoresi do not guarantee the quality or the authenticity of any items purchased through any other website on the Internet, any points of sale not listed on the www.lorenzovilloresi.co.il website, or any other form of retail sale.

Items purchased over the Internet or in unauthorized points of sale may be authentic. However, as a result of bad handling, incorrect storage, and passage of expiration date, they will most probably be soiled or damaged in some way.
According to Lorenzo Villoresi and Yaffa Ross, these sales are against our policy, and we strongly advise you not to purchase any products in this way.
No guarantee of quality and authenticity will be granted for those products purchased at any unauthorized point of sale or unauthorized Internet website.

Artisan Perfumes in Israel:
The notion of artistically designed perfumes is new in Israel. In the past, we all rushed to the duty-free shops and drugstores to purchase mass-produced, mediocre quality personal care products.

Designer and artisan, Lorenzo Villoresi, has a name that is recognized around the world. He has brought us the new concepts of uniqueness and prestige in the world of perfume. The first priority of the artisan perfumer is to preserve the fine reputation of his prestigious products as they deserve – above the commonplace.

Lorenzo Villoresi is very sensitive to the rights of artisan producers of quality products. He is aware that there are a few petty people in Israel who, without any knowledge or understanding of unique, high-quality perfumes, are attempting to damage Lorenzo’s reputation, and that of his products. Lorenzo and his representative in Israel realize that there are envious and unscrupulous people in Israel who are endeavoring to imitate Lorenzo’s fragrances in spray, oil, and perfume form. These same individuals, who throw a few weeds together and present the resulting mixture as if it were a L.V. product, have no respect for the creative rights of artisans.
There are others who are also trying to damage the reputation of Lorenzo Villoresi by selling products that may not be authentic, and have arrived in Israel through unauthorized means and without licensing from the Ministry of Health, damaged, spoiled and out of date. These products are then sold on various Internet websites. “They are just not for you.”

The Lorenzo Villoresi company is doing all in its power to put an end to this denigration of its reputation as quickly as possible.
The Lorenzo Villoresi company is not responsible for any such products. The company is responsible only for those of its products which are purchased at authorized points of sale.

How to Tell if a Product is Genuine?
  • Check to see that the Point of Sale* you are visiting has on display the Lorenzo Villoresi Authorized Point of Sale Certificate:
  • Remember that no sales over the Internet in Israel are authorized by Lorenzo Villoresi or Yaffa Ross.
  • Be sure that all articles have the Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze logo, a table of ingredients, address, description of product, etc., printed on the box
  • Check that all articles are in sealed boxes with a cellophane wrapping.
  • Make sure that both the top and the bottom of the articles are double sealed, and that the seals are intact, not broken or tampered with.
  • Verify that the Yaffa Ross – Lorenzo Villoresi sticker in Hebrew is on the box, under the cellophane wrapping.
  • Confirm that all articles licensed by the Ministry of Health have the relevant sticker in Hebrew under the wrapping.
  • Note that Lorenzo Villoresi boxes for 100 ml eau de toilette have been changed. Only the new box is guaranteed.
  • Check the box for “Teint de Neige.” The color must be a bright white only. Any other shade of beige or yellow is no longer in use.
  • Verify that all articles have a small, white sticker which defines the article, has a bar code, and notes the quantity of the product.
  • Authorized points of sale may place one of their own stickers on the box. Be sure the sticker in no way hides any other information.
  • Watch out for unauthorized points of sale, and their stickers.

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