Since his first voyage to the Middle East in 1981, Lorenzo Villoresi develops a passion for spices and essences that he would use, back in Italy, to compose original pot-pourris and personalized fragrances.
In the same period he starts his studies on Perfumery, essences, methods of distillation, with many experimental productions of tinctures, infusions and other aromatics.
In the course of the eighties, along with an academic career as researcher in Ancient Philosophy, essences and perfumery become the true passion of Lorenzo Villoresi who keeps receiving growing requests for custom made fragrances.
The proper business activity starts in 1990 when the newly born “Lorenzo Villoresi” firm receives an important order of pot-pourris, scented candles and room fragrances from the Fendi house of fashion.
After several important projects with famous names of the fashion business, in 1993 the first collection of Perfumes and Eau de Toilettes carrying the Lorenzo Villoresi brand sees the light.
The first two fragrances are named simply UOMO (man) and DONNA (woman) are still much beloved classics.
Focusing ever more on his own collection and ever less on the private label projects, Lorenzo Villoresi creates a number of “monothematic” fragrances as his personal interpretation of classic perfumery themes: MUSK, SANDALO, PATCHOULI, INCENSI, SPEZIE, VETIVER, WILD LAVENDER are all characterized by very complex formulas and a generous use of precious natural ingredients.
More recently a new collection called “Fantasy Fragrances” was created. Here the creation is inspired by “olfactory visions” that recall exotic and dreaming worlds, atmospheres, landscapes like PIPER NIGRUM (the spice route), TEINT DE NEIGE (the sophisticated beauty of the Belle Epoque), DILMUN (a Mesopotamian paradise), YERBAMATE (an endless prairie with wild herbs and flowers), ALAMUT (a rich a nd sumptuous Oriental fragrance), IPERBOREA (fresh blossoming petals, sprouting in the snow) and in November 2011 THESEUS (a fresh, radiant, sunny fragrance, evocative of ancient adventures).
In 2006 Lorenzo Villoresi wins the international perfumery award “Prix Coty” in Paris, the most important recognition of the artistic career of  a perfumer.
Between 2005 and 2006 the renovation works in the old family palace in via de’ Bardi started. The palace will host an academy of perfumery, with courses, lectures, workshops etc. all around the world of fragrances. There will also be an aromatic garden, a cafeteria, a shop and a collection of rare and unusual essences.
The unmistakable style of Lorenzo Villoresi’s creations is obtained with very structured formulas and with intense, soft and embracing notes that go through the entire olfactory pyramid.

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